As Consulting Engineers, we provide professional advice, engineering expertise and knowledge and endeavour to serve the best interests of our Clients. The relationships between Clients and Consulting Engineers are based on mutual trust and co-operation.

CEA fosters a positive business environment for the consulting industry by providing leadership to our members, and serving society through the promotion of economic growth, improved quality of life and environmental stewardship.

CEA’s vision is a sustainable consulting engineering industry that provides value and quality to society.

In order to achieve this vision, CEA must continue to be the united voice that speaks for the industry, thereby promoting a high level of trust and respect among our Member firms and the public.

In recognition of this vision, the undersigned as Corporate Leaders of CEA Member companies, acknowledge that membership in CEA is important to us and that our companies will uphold the CEA Code of Ethics and the following principles.

Our company will:

  1. Strive to enhance the stature of consulting engineering and the profession in general.
  2. Relate to other members of CEA with integrity, and respect their reputation and business.
  3. Demonstrate solidarity by supporting the guidelines issued by the board.
  4. Provide remuneration to our staff that is competitive with other industries to attract and retain the best and brightest people to our industry.
  5. Recruit staff in a manner that reflects how we would wish to be treated..
  6. Respect the clientele of other members of CEA and not attempt to supplant them when definite steps have been taken for their engagement.
  7. Promote the selection of consultants based on qualifications and experience.
  8. Encourage alliances between CEA member companies to offer the best available teams to our clients.

By upholding these principles, Clients will receive value and quality and CEA will achieve our vision of a sustainable Consulting Engineering Industry.

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